YM Quiz Competition 2010

Participate in the exciting Quiz competition and win loads of prizes (Grade 3 to Grade 12).

Participate in debate competition and win Umrah ticket (For college students only!). ICNA is going to award a "Center of Excellence" trophy to best performing Islamic Center.

So, Win a trophy for your Islamic center by outperforming other centers! A fun filled event for the entire family with Jeopardy-style buzzer and Halal food. Preliminary round will be held at the nearest Islamic Center on October 31st 2010.

Register online at: http://www.icnasc.org/quiz/quiz-bowl-registration.php The top performers of each center will compete in Final round on 7th November at ISOC, Garden Grove. Get ready to be challanged!!

Study guide is now available on: http://www.icnasc.org/quiz/