New Muslim Seminar

WhyIslam Ansar presents a one of a kind, first of its kind, long overdue seminar for New Muslims in Southern California. We will address religious, social, spiritual and many other challenges faced by New Muslims after accepting Islam. They have many questions but do not know who to ask. They need help but don’t know where to get it. They feel as if they are alone in their struggle.

Revert Muslim Jeopardy- A novel outreach program

LOS ANGELES, Nov 28, 2015- Recently a small request turned into a novel idea for outreach.

Helping New Muslims for Ramadan

Los Angeles, 06/20/2015 – Imagine that it’s the first time you’re about to experience Ramadan. As a newcomer to Islam, you try to prepare yourself with the help of online sources but are continually confronted with fragmented and inadequate information. You don’t know where to go to gain comprehensive guidance.

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