Super Ilm Bowl Big Sucess - Mubarak Winners

ICNA Southern California was a proud partner of the 2012 Ilm Bowl, in which over 300 youth put their Islamic knowledge to the test. Ranging from 5th-grade to college-level, the participants faced off in teams in exciting game-show style showdowns. They were competing for over $40,000 in prizes, including gift cards, tablets, and Umrah trips for the first-place winners of the college and high school divisions. The preliminary round of the competition took place at four regional masajid on February 12th, and was followed by the culminating final round at Cal State Fullerton on February 26th. On behalf of ICNA Southern California, a hearty congrats and mabrook to the winners!

The goal of Ilm Bowl is to motivate our Muslim youth to improve their deen through the competitive and fun pursuit of Islamic knowledge. By fostering the moral, intellectual, and spiritual development of young Muslims in our communities, we can help instill a lifelong passion for pursuing ilm for the sake of personal and societal betterment. We ask Allah SWT to reward all the Ilm Bowl participants for pursuing Islamic knowledge for His sake. May we all be winners of the ultimate prize in the Hereafter, insha’allah!


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Where's the Umra ticket for winners?

My daughter won the first place in this competition, but she has not been notified yet of any Umra package. Can you please contact us asap.
Mohammed Arif -
Jazakallah Khair.

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