Personal Development

Tarbiyah: Self Development to fulfill the Responsibilities

Major Activities for Tarbiyah include: NeighborNets; Development Camps; Study Circles; Night Vigils, Workshops etc.

NeighborNets and Study Circles

NeighborNets provide the foundation for all activities in ICNA. It consists of a small group of members (no more than eight) who gather very week to improve their knowledge, develop brotherhood and to do dawah. All members of ICNA participate in this program. Click here to know more. Study Circles are organized by Chapters and NeighborNets. Members study books and articles on different topics and then share their ideas with others in the Study Circle meetings.

Development Camps

ICNA organizes one or two days development camps. Various lectures and workshops are part of these camps. These camps are organized at Regional or Chapter level.

Learning by Doing

ICNA workers strongly believe in the concept of learning by doing. Every one tries to get involved in Dawah activities and starts learning the tools of this trade by just doing it.

Tutorial Workshops

During ICNA conventions and Development camps, workshops are offered on various topics. Learned and professional brothers/sisters in different fields offer these workshops.