Dawah Xclusive

Dawah Xclusive
Dawah Xclusive
with Fahad Tasleem (Founder of DAWAH CORPS)
Answering the TOP 10 Questions people ask about Islam

ICNA Relief Annual Fundraising Banquet

ICNA Relief Annual Fundraising Banquet

ICNA Relief has brought Women's Shelter, Mobile Clinic to Southern California and needs your help to continued support in bringing new projects.


ICNA Southern California Presents


ICNA Relief's

Dawah Training Workship Part II

Dawah Training Workshop PART II

Mobile Clinic is back

Wish you a blessed Eid Al-Adha

From all of us at ICNA-SoCal, ‘Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak!

We ask Allah SWT to grant the Muslim ummah bountiful blessings, as we celebrate with those who have completed the best of journeys – the Hajj – and commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of our beloved Prophet Ibrahim AS.


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