#WhoisMuhammad Billboard in Los Angles

Historic Nationwide Campaign of 50 Billboards with about 8.2 Million Weekly Impressions, is Launched by Islamic Circle of North America to Raise Awareness About the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Ex-Catholic Priest trained at the Vatican to speak at ICNA - Greater Los Angeles Unit 2015 Banquet.  Br. Idris Tawfiq is coming to Los Angeles for the first time to talk about his journey to Islam and the importance of Dawah.

Buy Tickets now at: icnasc.org/banquet

Misconceptions On Islam Shattered

By: Salahuddin Ahmed, Staff Writer.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend at the USC Campus near Downtown Los Angeles on the April 18th & 19th. The annual LA Times Festival of Books began in earnest on Saturday morning, continuing into Sunday. It is the largest book festival of its kind in the United States and is  sponsored by the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Islam Arrives at the Fiesta Broadway

By: Salahuddin Ahmed, Staff Writer.

It was on early Sunday morning of April 26 that ICNA’s WhyIslam volunteers started setting up the Dawah Booth at the largest Hispanic gathering in the country.  Most people attending the event are Spanish speaking of Hispanic origin and mainly come from a Catholic background.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

“Justice delayed is justice denied” rings true in my mind today as I think about Freddie Gray, his family, and the pain of the people of Baltimore.It has been more than two weeks and the local police department has failed to provide a report regarding what happened to Gray.


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