Get a Taste - Shaykh Omar Suleiman on "Perfecting Your Hayaa"

Join us as we travel through time to revisit the miraculous life of Maryam (as), whose reliance upon Allah, patience and unparalleled modesty, empowered her to overcome formidable trials and attain the distinction of being the best woman to have ever walked the earth.

Get a taste of what's to come as you listen to this enlightening discourse by Sheikh Omar Suleiman on "Perfecting your hayaa"

ICNA Demands Councilman Derek Reeve Apologize

(September 20th, 2011, Orange County, CALIFORNIA) - ICNA Southern California Chapter today demanded that San Juan Capistrano City Councilman Derek Reeve apologize for his displaying deliberate disrespect toward Islam’s revered prophet by making a public mocking comment regarding his dog named “Muhammad.” He did this during the last City Council meeting during a discussion about a dog park.


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