Asmaa Mahfouz: A Tale of Conquering Fear

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. If we look at history, we find that all the oppressive forces maintain their dominance on ordinary people based on fear. Once this psychological barrier is overcome, the public unleashes their desire to live with freedom and dignity. People say Gandhi's greatest contribution was not the liberation of India from the British but the liberation of Indians from fear. The biggest fear of a tyrant is that people will overcome this psychological barrier.

ICNA Relief SoCal begins 1st American Muslim Mobile Clinic Services

Mobile Clinic

Anaheim, California (April 8th, 2012) –With healthcare becoming less affordable across the country, thousands dream of quality medical care that won’t break the bank. When Al-Shifa Medical Center partnered with ICNA Relief to launch a mobile clinic in Southern California, that dream became a reality.

1st Young Muslims - Youth Conference Sold Out! - A Major Success

Anaheim, California (March 19, 2012) – As heavy rain and wind pounded the Orange County area on Saturday morning, over 750 eager Muslims flocked to the Anaheim Crowne Plaza for Chain of Hearts, the first annual Young Muslims Southern California youth conference.A recent study on the American mosque revealed that Southern California has the most number of mosques in the United States after New York City. A bustling region with a large Muslim population, it served as the perfect backdrop for a conference on reviving the youth.


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