MSA West 50th Anniversary Gift


ICNA would like to compliment you on your involvement in this life-changing institution. You are part of a Muslim American tradition that is enjoying its 50th Anniversary this year. You are part of a privileged group of Muslims who have taken Allah’s message seriously and are
sharing it with your classmates, roommates, and teachers in the good ‘ol USA.

As a gift from us we would like to give you our new guide to help you succeed : “Jumpstart Campus D’awah in One Weekend”.  The guide will help you:

  • Tackle frequently asked questions about Islam
  • Be creative in doing d’awah
  • Get connected to a national d’awah network
  • Get a hold of d’awah material
  • Learn to approach any location for d’awah purposes

This guide is based off of years of experience through our WhyIslam D’awah project.  We trust you, the MSA activist, will use this information to further spread the message of Islam.

Please enter your Full Name, Email, and University/College/School MSA you are a part of to have the gift download link emailed to you.




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