Ilm Bowl 2012

Ilm Bowl 2012 -

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The Ilm Bowl is a team-building, iman-boosting, ilm-pumping, button-smashing competition extravaganza that aims to:

  •     Strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood
  •     Help gain understanding of Islamic knowledge
  •     Build an attachment to the masjid
  •     Bring participants closer to the Quran, the Sunnah, and Allah (swt)


  •     Division I: College
  •     Division II: High School
  •     Division III: 7th and 8th Grade
  •     Division IV: 5th and 6th Grade


  •     Each team will consist of 3 brothers or 3 sisters from the same masjid and age group.
  •     Teams of 3 can register together or individual participants will be assigned into teams.

Classes (For Division II only):

  •     Classes will be offered on study material at local masjid
  •     Classes will be 1-2 hours per week
  •     Classes are optional but highly recommended to supplement personal reading and studying

Ilm Bowl Competition (Preliminary round):

  •     Each category will compete at their local masjid
  •     Winners will advance and represent their community at the Super Ilm Bowl
  •     Competition will be in February 2012

Super Ilm Bowl Competition (Final round):

  •     Professional game-style buzzing competition for all masjid finalists
  •     Competition will be on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at Cal State Fullerton


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