ICNA Relief Sponsors Container for Anaheim's Needy

ICNA Relief recently donated sponsored City of Anaheim for the purchase of a large storage container, which is part of the city’s work to aid low-income communities. Two 45-foot storage containers, each with a capacity of more than 3,400 cubic feet, will stand in La Palma Park. The park, located at Harbor Ave. and La Palma Ave., commonly attracts a large number of disadvantaged and homeless residents who are in sore need of relief from the local community. ICNA Relief has sponsored one container in the hopes that it will be a helping hand in the city’s long-term plans to administer charity and benefit all parts of the community. The permanent containers will serve as storage for supplies and aid.

This donation supplements the local activities of ICNA Relief’s SoCal chapter, which remains committed to its flagship projects such as the roaming Moblie Clinic and the transition shelter for women in need, Asiya’s House. In addition, the project undertakes regular relief projects such as the Back-2-School Giveaway that recently took place, food distribution campaigns for the hungry, and volunteer work at soup kitchens and food pantries.


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