Dawah Xclusive

Dawah Xclusive
Dawah Xclusive
with Fahad Tasleem (Founder of DAWAH CORPS)
Answering the TOP 10 Questions people ask about Islam
With the rise of Islamophobia in our country, more people are becoming  curious about Islam and want to validate what they hear on the media. Are you prepared to answer their questions?  Don’t miss out on this exclusive dawah session with Fahad Tasleem. Fahad will give us the tools and teach us how to tackle the common misconceptions people might have about Islam.
SUNDAY, DEC 8, 20131:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Masjid Al Ansar
(West Coast Islamic Center)
1717 S. Brookhurst Street
Anaheim, CA 92804
Who is Fahad Tasleem? http://ilftexas.org/instructors/
REGISTER at http://icnasc.org/


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